Each month, we hold a public auction on storage units that are more than 60 days in default in order to satisfy our lien as defined by Tennessee state law. This is an unfortunate, but necessary, event in order to make these storage units available for others. At Cannon Self-Storage, we make every effort to contact our tenants and work out a payment arrangement. A public auction of someone's belongings is absolutely the last resort used to satisfy the outstanding bill.

Our Chattanooga, TN stores hold monthly public auctions online at Please view the 2019 Foreclosure Auction Calendar for upcoming auction dates.

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2019 Foreclosure Auction Calendar

BEGINS: January 2, 2019 | ENDS: January 8, 2019
BEGINS: January 29, 2019 | ENDS: February 5, 2019
BEGINS: February 26, 2019 | ENDS: March 5, 2019
BEGINS: April 2, 2019 | ENDS: April 9, 2019
BEGINS: April 30, 2019 } ENDS: May 7, 2019
BEGINS: June 4, 2019 | ENDS: June 11, 2019
BEGiNS: July 2, 2019 | ENDS: July 9, 2019
BEGINS: July 30, 2019 | ENDS: August 6, 2019
BEGINS: September 3, 2019 | ENDS: September 10, 2019
BEGINS: October 1, 2019 | ENDS: October 8, 2019
BEGINS: October 29, 2019 | ENDS: November 5, 2019
BEGINS: December 3, 2019 | ENDS: December 10, 2019


1. A $100 CASH deposit must be left with the manager at the office.

This deposit will be returned to you once your purchased unit is emptied and swept clean.  Please leave the door unlocked and open and notify the manager upon completion. A manager must view the unit before your deposit will be returned.

2. You will be asked to leave a photocopy of your VALID driver’s license OR State-issued ID at the office with your deposit.

3. Once payment is made, the winning bidder will be responsible for providing a lock to secure any purchased units.

4. Purchased units must be emptied within 48 hours. Bidders are bidding on the entire contents of the unit.

We will NOT provide you a gate/facility access code.  Purchased units must be emptied during office hours.  If you require more than 48 hours for removal the contents of the unit, a $35.00/day rent fee will be applicable to your purchase, lest we can determine if an exception can be made.

5. Remove the entire contents of the unit.

There is no on-site disposal.  Neglecting to empty the unit entirely or dumping the unit contents on site, will result in forfeiture of your deposit.  If the building has a dumpster, it is NOT available for use (NO DUMPING).

6. You may NOT leave a vehicle or trailer parked on-site overnight.

7. Please do NOT leave anything in the aisles outside the unit.

If you are leaving the unit or the facility, please secure all contents inside the unit, and lock your unit until you return.

8. You may NOT prop open doors to the facility.  Please check with the manager for use of any loading docks.

9. No FOOD/DRINK allowed inside the facility. No exceptions.

10. Occasionally, tenants will ask that personal items found in the unit (family photos, Social Security cards/id, birth certificates, State ID, etc).

It is Cannon Self-Storage policy to give the name and contact information of the tenant to the winning bidder.  The bidder may contact the tenant to make arrangements.

11. No smoking in office or inside facility gate, please. Please only smoke in the front parking lot, away from the entrances to the building.

12 Parents are responsible for the supervision and safety of their children while on the premises and release the facility for any injury arising from the lack of supervision.

13. Rules and Policies are subject to change on day of auction.

14. All sales are AS IS/FINAL.